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Fire Fighting Equipments
Fire Fighting Equipments are something we provide. TURBO EJECTOR PUMP, PIERCING NOZZLE, and MV Sprinkler are examples of products that range from technological equipment. It is fun to merely glance around because of the widely used items accessible here.
Spray Nozzles
For industrial and commercial use, we produce a variety of spray nozzles. In order to guarantee that the right nozzle is chosen for their application, we build solid relationships with our customers. A spray nozzle is an instrument that precisely distributes liquid into a spray.
Hose Reel and Cabinet
Provided Hose Reel Cabinets are acknowledged for their long lasting quality, high strength and durable surface finish. Standard flow rate and pressure range are some of the key features of these items.
Monitor Nozzles
This range of Monitor Nozzles is acknowledged for its long lasting quality, utilization of standard grade raw materials and precise diameter. These can be used under 5-9 bar of pressure range.
Hydrant Valve and Landing Valve
Hydrant Valves and Landing Valves are known for their accurate diameter and user friendly design. Quality of these products has been verified on the basis of their diameter, longevity and performance.
Foam Pourer
Provided Foam Pourers are reckoned for their excellent output level and low operating cost. Affordable price, user friendly design, prolonged working life and ergonomic look are the key features of these items.

Spiral Spray Nozzle
These  spiral spray nozzles with high flow rates have a significant impact on air conditioning, cooling, and pollution reduction. These nozzles seldom become blocked because of the large and smooth flow channel. Additionally, these have a precision blade that ensures the particle is evenly spread and receives the optimum coverage.
Air Release Valve
In systems of pressured pipe, these valves play a crucial function. In order to ensure smooth water flow in the pipelines and the efficient operation of the irrigation system, air release valves help to eject trapped air.  We provide these, which are strong and resilient.
Multiple Jet Controls Valve
Multiple Jet Controls Valve MJCs are installed in the system pipes and concurrently control a few sprinklers or spray nozzles. Each MJC has a glass bulb that can break and is heat-sensitive. In order to create a water curtain, they are also used to regulate open sprinklers.
Personal Protective Equipments
The eyewash stations that are available as part of the Personal Protective Equipments are built to endure the most demanding working conditions. The products available can be used in numerous workplaces where there is a chance of coming into contact with chemicals.
Hydraulic Products & Equipment
These Hydraulic Products & Equipment accessories are acknowledged for their long working life, ease of maintenance and long lasting quality. All these products have been verified on the basis of their working life and performance.
Die And Moulds
Provided Dies & Molds are acknowledged for their high durability, ease of handling and long lasting quality. These accessories are available with 12 months of warranty period. Long lasting surface finish and low maintenance cost are their key features.

We deal in major States like Bihar, Chandigarh, Goa, Gujarat, Karnataka, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Puducherry, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, Odisha, Telangana